Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OMMA Hollywood Tweetlights

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I'm a tweet-machine at conferences (and debates). I will literally clog your feed for hours on end. There's just something about trade shows and Twitter that go so nicely together. 140 characters is just enough to pass along a great quip, hot buzzword, or thing that makes you go hmmm...

For those of you that don't follow me or de-followed me following my tweet-burst over the past couple days at OMMA, I've culled some of the high, er... tweetlights here:

Hearing the word "ecosystem" a lot -- thankfully haven't heard "win, win."

Just got an email w/ this quote in the footer: "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia."

Never thought I'd hear the word "gesticulate" during a keynote but @johnbattelle just dropped it

@johnbattelle refers to FM as "agency of record for publishers" -- certainly sounds better than blog ad network!

This note just handed me: "Twitter is for agency A types that can't sit still in conferences of airports." Guilty!

Joe Mandese of MediaPost just called his panelists "friction taker-outers"

Tracey Scheppach of Starcom wins today's buzzword bingo: "Consumers want non-intrusive, privacy-sensitive, addressable ads" BINGO!

Pet peeve - people who call it a "SERP page." The P stands for page!

Bill Leake of Apogee Search: "Today's online videos ads are basically TV ads, only shorter and grainier."

One of the buzzwords I'm hearing that I actually like is "Earned Media" (SEO, PR, Social, etc.)

Bob Heyman of Mediasmith: "SEO is not free. Not anymore than PR is free."

I loathe when digital marketing companies refer to their "secret sauce." C'mon now, you're not Coca Cola.

@jasoncalacanis: "Engagement is a term that people who have ads that don't work use."

@jasoncalacanis: "Punch the monkey had great engagement but you don't see Volvo or Apple using it."

@johnbattelle: "If engagement is bullshit, then I call it fertilizer."

Ian Schafer of Deep Focus says his firm brands itself as an "Engagement agency." Cue @jasoncalacanis.

I hate when speakers refer to people as "users." Searchers are not users. Website visitors are not users. Drug addicts are users.

@jasoncalacanis: "Google is indexing all the world's information. The problem is the world's information is largely bad."

@jasoncalacanis: "Jimmy Fallon has 400k Twitter followers. That's definitely more people than are watching his show."

Just finished my panel. Best line-Jeremy Barnes of Acquity:"5 years ago I'd have said if you need on-site search you have bad IA."

Gian Fulgoni of comScore on why media $$ will continue to flow to TV: "The CEO's wife still loves seeing the company on TV."

Angela Courtin of MySpace wins buzzword bingo: "Brands can be idea-amplifiers.... multiple touchpoints... convergence..."

Paul Kedrosky - sign of our ignorance... 2nd most popular on WSJ in 2008 was "China easts crow over photo of rare antelope"

"Cocooning" is the hot buzzword these days. Refers to people staying at home and not spending $$. Kinda like a permanent "Staycation"

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