Sunday, September 28, 2008

Who Needs CNN...

... when you can get full Presidential debate coverage via Twitter? Here's Friday night's Tweetstream from the folks I follow and me:

davidberkowitz wonder what % of tweets is covering - don't think a new post a second will cover it. hooked on this far more than tv from TwitterFox

schmogel Screw pork barrel spending on DNA research on bears, palin asked for DNA research on seals. Very different, smarter allocation of tax $ from txt

schmogel Who to watch afterwards? Let's start with MSNBC. from txt

bmorrissey cindy's pant suit is alarming. from web

aarongoldman Obama's really gotta do something about that spittle on his bottom lip. from TwitterBerry

brysonmeunier mccain blinks like he's in a sandstorm from TwitterFox

schmogel If I am keeping score correctly, Obama doesn't "get" A lot of things. He just doesn't understand. from txt

bmorrissey interesting strategy (tactic?) of obama to agree w mccain and give him credit frequently. from web

aarongoldman Why is McCain taking notes with a Sharpie? Is his eyesight that bad? from TwitterBerry

aarongoldman McCain sure is well traveled. Nary a country has been mentioned that he hasn't been to. from TwitterBerry

schmogel Q: how do you see Russia? A: I see Russia from my backyard. Forshadowing if the use the same questions for VPs from txt

brysonmeunier how can someone who says my friends so often be so rude. obama could stand to be a little more rude, however from TwitterFox

maxkalehoff The sentiment meter on CNN was offensive, distracting and belittling, so I watched the presidential debates on PBS instead. from TwitterBerry

brysonmeunier wondering if mccain is doing soduku, but think his scribbling is intentionally distracting anyway. from TwitterFox

schmogel 2nd Bingo of the night. Straight talk, maverick, mother of soldier, weapons of mass destruction, can't tolerate 4 more years. I'm the bi ... ... from txt

bmorrissey the league of democracies sounds like the elks club, only w countries. from web

aarongoldman @schmogel, Is that an upgrade? from TwitterBerry in reply to schmogel

aarongoldman My bracelet is bigger than yours! from TwitterBerry

schmogel @aarongoldman. Now McCain is going to link himself to Reagan. from txt in reply to aarongoldman

davidberkowitz really would love a commercial break during the debate. what if a candidate has to go to the bathroom? from TwitterFox

aarongoldman Is it Pah-kistan or Paa-kistan? from TwitterBerry

aarongoldman Obama keeps linking McCain to Bush. Almost robotic. from TwitterBerry

aarongoldman McCain says Obama would've "snatched defeat from the jaws of victory." Gotta give it up for good verbiage. from TwitterBerry

schmogel I know A lot of people who don't know the difference between a tactic and a strategy. Glad to see it crosses industries. from txt

aarongoldman @unsavory, McCain just accused Obama of not knowing the difference between a strategy and a tactic. We should invite him to our next offsite from TwitterBerry in reply to unsavory

aarongoldman Second time McCain said he's not "Ms. Congeniality." Awkward mental picture. from TwitterBerry

aarongoldman Did Obama just say "orgy of spending?" Loving the soundbytes! from TwitterBerry

bmorrissey well, didn't expect orgies to come up in the discussion. from web

schmogel BINGO. Off shore drilling, war in Iraq, free space, pork barrel spending, main street. Bonus for google. from txt

worleygirl It's killing me that I'm not watching the debates live. Just seeing tweets. As soon as the boy's in bed, I'm on. from web

bmorrissey somewhere, drill, baby, drill is being chanted. that somewhere is not the upper west side. from web

aarongoldman Did Obama just say "Google for government?" from TwitterBerry

schmogel @jeffmarshall. Yes. Botox. He knows HD is not forgiving. Perhaps he should have bleached his teeth too. Look your best losing. from txt in reply to jeffmarshall

jeffmarshall How about we answer the questions candidates? from txt

worleygirl Interesting...regular twitterstream is much more Obamalicious while #debate08 tagged tweets are more McCainy. from txt

bmorrissey love the split screen. essential for debate viewing. i hope interactive tv of the future will let me choose always-on for split screen. from web

jeffmarshall I'm putting $$ on the possibility that McCain Botoxed his forehead from txt

bmorrissey love the politician hand shake with the one hand on the forearm. disarming when it's done to me by some ad exec. from web

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