Thursday, September 25, 2008

Search Budget Anyone?

The webcast I did with Eli Goodman from comScore is now available on demand in the Search Marketing Now archives.

Here's the description:

"You’ve just put together an amazing search strategy – you know it’s going to produce incredible results. But can you justify the budget that’s needed to deliver? With budgets tightening and competition for marketing dollars increasingly fierce, can you convince others that your strategy is worth the price tag? This webcast explores how to sell others on your search strategy and the budget that goes along with it. Whether you’re an agency looking to bring in new business, or an in-house search marketer trying to justify your marketing budget to upper management – there are proven approaches to get you what you need."

Definitely check it out if you want some good tips for leveraging search data to make the case for budget. The advice is free but the comScore tool is gonna cost ya. :)

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