Thursday, September 18, 2008

OMMA Tweets

Well, Day 1 of OMMA is in the books. Rather than give the traditional recap, I'll just share my Tweet-stream to give you a flavor of the conference so far....

Quote of the night: Lance Neuhauser - "You guys are so worried about Google that you can't focus on dessert." from TwitterBerry

@leeodden is schooling the OMMA crowd on DAO. And of course he got a plug in for SMO (social media optimization.) from TwitterBerry in reply to leeodden

The verdict is in at OMMA: you CAN brand with search. Hooray! from TwitterBerry

About to start my panel at OMMA re: search and branding. Giddyup! from TwitterBerry

Q thrown out to audience at OMMA: "How many of you think Google's competitive to your biz?" Over half the room raises hands. from TwitterBerry

Chris Anderson's follow up: "Are we scared of the power of Google or are we scared of the power of math?" from TwitterBerry

Chris Anderson from Wired at OMMA: "There's a lot of Googlephobia out there." Ya think? from TwitterBerry

Bill Wise just did a full-on reenactment of the court scene from A Few Good Men at the OMMA Yahoo sponsored session. Intense! from TwitterBerry

Chris Zaharias from OMTR at OMMA: "Multivariate testing is the single most important thing you can do to improve search campaigns." Amen. from TwitterBerry

Alex Gross from asks audience at OMMA: "Do you inherently trust Google?" One person raises hand. She works for Google. from TwitterBerry

Uggh. Audience Q at OMMA re: click fraud. Are we stuck in 2003? from TwitterBerry

Satya Patel at OMMA invested in a company focused on social media monetization. There's an oxymoron. from TwitterBerry

Henry Blodget at OMMA: Twitter will get couple hundred million valuation. from TwitterBerry

Warren Lee at OMMA: it's all about people, processes and technology. That's how he decides where to invest. Sounds easy enough. from TwitterBerry

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