Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Debate - 140 Characters at a Time

Here's my tweet-coverage of last night's debate. Contrasting it against the first debate based on pure Twitter volume, I either paid a lot less attention or there were fewer sound bytes this time around.

Agree with the pundits. McCain took the first half hour. Then his odd mannerisms and negative attacks overshadowed it. from TwitterBerry

Methinks McCain overdid the post-game handshake there. from TwitterBerry

Finally a "my friends" drop. from TwitterBerry

Accountability and Transparency. Who needs them more -- politics or marketing? from TwitterBerry

Obama almost said Maverick activity but caught himself and went with Cavalier. Kick save and a beauty. from TwitterBerry

McCain seems to be winning the CNN sentiment-o-meter. from TwitterBerry

@schmogel, I say, I say that's cockammamie! from TwitterBerry in reply to schmogel

Nice. McCain just said bresh of freth air. from TwitterBerry

I like the word repudiate. Might even prompt me to get going. from TwitterBerry

This sentiment meter on CNN is too distracting from TwitterBerry

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