Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DPAC Tweet Coverage

As has now become my modus operandi, here's a recap of the Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference, 140 characters at a time. Remember to read bottom-up to keep the chronology...

Highlights from my panel at #DPAC re: search in a recession -- Patrick Harris of MSFT: "Technically, we're not in a recession." from web

Highlights from my panel at #DPAC re: search in a recession -- Gerry Bavaro of Didit plugs direct mail and coupons! from web

Highlights from my panel at #DPAC -- Debbie Johnsen of Leading Hotels: "If you're not moving $$ into search, you are doing something wrong!" from web

When it comes to search, beware integration for integratio's sake -- http://tinyurl.com/6q8mcj from web

Ok, time to get set up for my panel on search and it's recession-proofness. Gonna have to work in some Rohan soundbytes. #dpac from TwitterBerry

Christy Tanner of TV Guide seems to think UGC and social media are one and the same. Old school. #dpac from TwitterBerry

Peter Naylor of NBCU at #DPAC: "It's a 90-day by 90-day existence (for ad sales org's)" from TwitterBerry

Ahh, "Banner Blindness" - how I've missed you, my old buzzword friend. Thanks Peter Naylor of NBCU for the resurrection at #DPAC. from TwitterBerry

Ross Sandler of RBC at #DPAC cites DCLK/DL study: 15% more ads on avg content pg and 10% decrease in click-rate. Too much clutter! from TwitterBerry

Can't believe I missed it but apparently yesterday Sean Finnegan dropped this gem at #DPAC: "Flat is the new up." from TwitterBerry

Jordan Rohan at #DPAC: 30% of sold inventory now comes thru ad networks vs. 6% in 2006. from TwitterBerry

Jordan Rohan at #DPAC: With Yahoo's US Portal now valued at $8 bil. new buyers like Disney and Comcast could emerge. from TwitterBerry

Re: my last tweet - that's because avg cpm on AOL is $13.61 vs. $0.63 for Facebook. from TwitterBerry

Jordan Rohan at #DPAC: for every 1 hour a consumer spends on Facebook instaed of AOL, the internet ecosystem loses over $600 of annual rev. from TwitterBerry

Re: my last tweet. That's kinda like saying you always find what you're looking for in the last place you look. Why? Cuz you stop looking. from TwitterBerry

Jordan Rohan at #DPAC re: economy - "The bottom will happen when you stop asking." from TwitterBerry

Jordan Rohan at #DPAC: "The recession is bigger than you are." from TwitterBerry

Jordan Rohan up next at #DPAC. Should be a doozy. That dude never minces words. from TwitterBerry

Every online media business these days claims to have cracked the code on creating win-win-wins for consumers, publishers, & marketers. from TwitterBerry

Sang Kim of Ripple6 at #DPAC introduces a new buzzword - "cloud communities." Basically the idea of syndicating social networks. Dig it! from TwitterBerry

Re: my last tweet. Those tenants were part of a Google branded entertainment pitch. from TwitterBerry

Alexandra Levy of Google at DPAC: 3 key tenants - 1. User comes first 2. Relevant ads win 3. Engaging right audience is key. from TwitterBerry

Keynote from CEO of Audemars Piguet at DPAC. Never heard of them? Me either. They make $40k watches. Apparently, recession-proof. from TwitterBerry

Len Lauer of Qualcomm at DPAC: US is 3-4 yrs away from having scalable mobile point of sale capabilty (ie, credit cards on your cell phone) from TwitterBerry

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