Thursday, December 10, 2009

SES Chicago Search + Social Session in Pics

SES Chicago Social + Search SessionAfter some shameless promotion, my SES Chicago session on the link between Search and Social was well-attended and well-received.

You can see the panel assembling in the pic above. From right to left that's Bryan Simkins of FedEx, Marshall Clark of Organic, Tobias Peggs of OneRiot, Brian Boland of Facebook and yours truly. Hat tip to Chad Richards from Firebelly for the TwitPic.

The content was quite diverse reflecting the individual POV of each speaker and his respective company.

By way of quick recap...

Marshall outlined his Page Rank for People postulate.

Then Tobias broke down One Riot's Pulse Rank algorithm.

In turn, I joked with Brian that Facebook should roll out Poke Rank. He didn't take the bait but did demonstrate how the Facebook ad platform incorporates some of the same concepts as SEM.

Bryan wrapped things up by tackling the recency vs. relevancy conundrum that's surfaced with Google's integration of real-time results onto the SERP by pitting man vs. machine.

I just asked the panelists for permission to post their presentations. As soon as I get that, I'll add their decks as an update to this post. In the meantime, here are some images that represent the highlights of the presos. You'll have to check back for the full context -- although the Alt Tags will provide some clues.

Marshall's take on bald Matt Cutts
Tobias riffs on Sergey and Larry -- the world's most famous librarians
Boland exposes a coworker's friends
Bryan insisted that this was not a self-portrait
Bryan took us undercover to find the link between search and social
Bryan lamented the day SEM became uncool
Deep Blue is to Google as Kasparov is to Twitter
Marshall bragged about his agency creating the first banner ad ever
Bryan made fun of the Average Joe moderating the session (I do get Vince Vaughn a lot)
Bryan pointed to Aristotle as an early infomediary
Bryan's main point, on the other hand, was very easy to grasp
Bryan did his best to keep his preso clean

Update 12/18: Rather than update this already long and visual post with the decks from the session, I decided to create a new post to house them -- Search and Social: See You at the Crossroads.

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