Monday, December 7, 2009

Google Real Time Search Optimization

Today, Google rolled out Real-Time search integrated into the SERP's. And just like when I heard about Bing's Twitter integration, my first inclination was to try and get myself a page 1 ranking. Sure enough, it wasn't that difficult...

Here's a screenshot of the (fleeting) results for the query "Google Real Time Search."

Google Real Time Search

And here's a closeup...

Google Real-Time Search
The presentation of these results is interesting. They're called "Latest Results" (presumably, because no-one outside the digital marketing world knows what "real-time" means) and they auto-refresh nearly every second with a "pause" button available to stop the madness. There's a scroll bar to the right which helps this set of results really pop on the SERP. For straight articles and blog posts, the results look like any other Google news result but, for tweets, the listings appear in a cute little talking bubble.

This is the first time I've seen Google embed anything on its SERPs with auto-motion, as opposed to static listings. It certainly draws the eye to these results. I wonder if this is a precursor for richer ad units. Get people used to seeing movement on the SERPs and then hit them with ads that float around and whatnot. OK, that's probably a stretch but a guy can dream, can't he?

Update 12/9: Today I tried doing an entirely knew kind of Google bomb. I was curious if Google and/or Twitter were filtering tweets that get pulled thru to So I dropped an f-bomb in a tweet and nervously monitored the SERP. Sure enough, it never saw the light of day on Google. And just to be sure it wasn't an anomaly, I let another tweet fly with the same keyword sans f-bomb and, sure enough, it was picked right up...

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