Friday, December 11, 2009

My 3 Cents

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I've been busy spouting off on the latest digital marketing news to anyone that will listen in the press and on the Connectual blog.

Below are 3 recent topics I weighed in on...

1. News Corp potentially pulling out of the Google index and granting an exclusive to Bing. Two citations in Media Post. Expanded POV on Connectual blog...

Sorry News Corp, News Not Core to Search Advertising
Why Murdoch's Threats Don't Scare Google

2. Yahoo and Microsoft commencing their search deal. Citation in MediaPost. Expanded POV on Connectual blog...

Yahoo and Bing: Four Months Later, Two-Tenths Lighter
One Milestone Down, Many More To Go

3. Google bowing real-time results and the intersection of search and social. Interview at SES Chicago with Lee Odden of Top Rank Marketing.

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