Saturday, June 20, 2009

Off the Grid

I'm gonna battle my inner Type-F and try and stay dark next week while on vacation in Orlando. (Long story -- original plan was Puerto Vallarta but I was too busy Binging and playing Hunches to realize my passport needed to be renewed. Twitter almost saved the day after I asked if anyone knew how to expedite and @PassportPro tracked me down but the best they could do was 24 business hours turnaround and I needed to get my vaca on sooner. Told you it was a long story!)

Yes, I'll be putting away both the blackberry and Zack Morris phone I'm modeling in that pic to the right (even longer story). -->

Hopefully there won't be any major sea changes in the digital marketing space that will require me to break away from the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (no, that's not the latest social search engine).

On that note, a quick plug for my updated blogroll further down on the right rail. Those peeps will keep you in the know while I'm out. Except that Bill Wise guy -- he's been slacking.

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