Monday, September 7, 2009

Bing Commercial: Too Hot for TV?

Speaking of Bing and its passion for porn, I've got a great idea for a new Bing commercial...

As I preached in my Search Insider column about the many flavors of search, Bing should cut the crap about Google causing the recession and do away with the cute but overpromising search overload spots.

Instead, Bing should showcase what it does well, travel, shopping, health... and porn!

Here's how my TV ad for Bing would play out...

Setting: 3 men lying on crowded beach with cocktails in hand doing a little "people-watching."

Attractive bikini-clad female walks by.

Man #1 (good looking, buff guy): "I'd Bing that."

Another attractive bikini gal strolls by.

Man #2 (also good looking dude): "I'd Bing that."

Big pink gorilla on unicycle rolls by.

Man #3 (nerdy, pasty guy with taped-up glasses and suntan lotion not rubbed in): "I'd Bing that!"

Cut to screenshot of computer showing Bing search for "Pink Gorillas on Unicycles."

Cue announcer voiceover: "Whatever you're into, you can Bing it."

Image Source
(Yes, I really found this on Bing!)
Pink Gorilla

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SearchSchwag said...

HAHA! Bing is an advertising genius. This one is still my favorite commercial though (

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