Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tilting the Tweet-o-meter

My Search Insider column (and, as I pointed out to @oliman on Twitter, I use the term "column" loosely) ran today. First time I've run on a Tuesday. MediaPost had a last-minute lineup shuffle in the wake of David Berkowitz heading to the Social Media Insider. Not to worry, I'll be back to my every-other-Wed. slot in 2 weeks.

As promised, this edition recapped the top 10 buzzwords from the Search Insider Summit.

Here they are:

1. Twitter
2. Attribution
3. Exchanges
4. Last-Click
5. Bless You, Gezundteit (tie)
6. Economy, Recession (tie)
7. Free, SEO (tie)
8. Affiliates
9. Social, Mobile (tie)
10. Osprey

In terms of my predictions for how the Buzz-o-meter would shake out, I batted .400 -- not bad for a baseball player, pretty lousy for a Search Insider. Oh well, as a true Cubs fan always says, wait til next year!

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