Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Search Insider Summit: Who's Ready to Catch a Buzz in Captiva?

In today's Search Insider column I break form from past conferences and offer a predictive Buzz-o-meter for next week's Search Insider Summit.

Here are my speculative Top 10:

1. Twitter
2. Google
3. Recession, Opportunity (tie)
4. Attribution, Post-Click (tie)
5. Local
6. Microsoft, Live Search, MSN, Kumo (tie)
7. Social Media
8. In-House
9. RFP
10. No-see-ums

As always, my next column will reveal the actual topics that had everyone buzzing. And I'll be sharing all the best sound-bytes on Twitter so make sure to follow me if you don't mind a dizzying array of tweets.

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