Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Search Filtering: What a Wonderful Wheel

Google recently rolled out some new search filtering features. One of them is called the "Wonder Wheel" which connects your query to other semantically-related queries/topics.

As always with all new search tools, I was quick to run a vanity search to see what it means for my personal brand.

Below is a screenshot of what the Wonder Wheel deemed relevant to "Aaron Goldman." Click the image for a larger view or, I'll spare you the clickage, by telling you the 2 terms are "SEO Blog" and "David Berkowitz."

Google Wonder Wheel

Very interesting...I just hope Google thinks I'm related to the David Berkowitz that's a digital marketing guru and not the Son of Sam.

Although I guess we Jews all go back to Moses.

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niezycles said...

Thank you for wriiting this

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