Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Final" Book Stats

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A couple weeks ago, I shared the latest numbers from my book manuscript. On 3/31 -- well, technically it was 12:08 on 4/1 -- I turned in my "final" manuscript to my publisher. Thought I'd share one last recap to let everyone know where I landed.

345 pages
3,052 paragraphs
7,232 lines
85,729 words
434,572 characters (no spaces)
518, 564 characters (with spaces)

If you do the math here, you'll see that almost half of my paragraphs are just 1 line. The goal is to make this book a quick read. It's not intended to be a cover-to-cover endeavor. Rather each chapter stands alone. With 21 chapters and an Introduction, each one averages out at 15-16 pages. If it took you longer than 30 minutes to read each chapter, I'd be surprised. Now, in each chapter, I tried to include an exercise for the reader to apply the Googley Lesson to his/her business. So the goal is certainly to have you think about each chapter for more than 30 minutes but it shouldn't take you much more than that to get through the copy itself.

Currently, the manuscript is in the very capable hands of my editor at McGraw-Hill. From there it goes to a development editor and a copyeditor. At that point, I'll have a chance to review their edits and make any last ones of my own. Then it's off to layout and production for an 8/20 release!

For now, it's back to more regular posting here and on the Connectual blog -- not to mention the other blogs I've been neglecting over the past 3-4 months -- as I still have the writing itch and plenty more time to spend scratching!


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