Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I Got Connectual

In today's Search Insider I explain the rationale for starting Connectual, namely 6 challenging trends brought on by the recession that I think my firm can address head-on...

1. Marketers are cutting budgets across the board.

2. Agencies are feeling increased margin pressure.

3. Media companies are struggling to break through the clutter of myriad digital marketing solutions.

4. Technology providers are unable to fully realize their value proposition.

5. The sales process is becoming increasing complicated and opaque.

6. Consumers are becoming more fearful of how their data's being used for marketing.

Numbers 1 thru 4 I'll have solutions for right off the bat. (Granted, they'll get better with time as the Connectual team and portfolio grows.) I'll need a good 6 months or so to get after numbers 5 and 6 as they require the development of proprietary technology.

More to come. Here's the blurb...

It's Time To Get Connectual

Sometimes in the worst of times come the best of opportunities. You just have to know where to look. And when you find one of those diamonds in the rough, you have to act quickly. It's all about timing. And gumption.

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