Monday, April 13, 2009

Color Me Connectual

Connectual logo

Last week I mentioned I was nearing the launch of my new business venture. Today I'm excited to announce that Connectual is officially up and running. The press release dropped this morning via BusinessWire.

MediaPost covered the news with a feature story in Online Media Daily, likening me to a matchmaker. (My mother will be so proud her son's a Yenta -- "Connectual, Connectual, make me a match!") It's actually a pretty astute observation of what I'm building here. Lord knows there's a need for it right now what with all the would-be suitors out there looking to take digital marketers to the dance. Here's a link to the article: Rep Matchmaking Model Emerges For Marketing.

I'll share more about my vision for Connectual in future posts on Digital Sea Change as well as in my upcoming Search Insider column. The short story is that Connectual will represent a variety of digital marketing companies and consult with marketers to match their needs with the best possible solution(s). Over time, I'll look to build a team of well-connected agents that can canvas the digital marketing landscape identifying opportunities to add value to marketers, agencies, media companies, and technology providers alike. Additionally, I plan to develop and launch proprietary technology platforms to help connect the inhabitants of the digital marketing ecosystem with each other as well as with consumers.

I wrote an in depth post on the Connectual blog thanking everyone who helped make this launch a reality so I'll won't roll the credits here. I know it's a crazy time to be starting a business but I really feel like there's no better environment to help people cut through the clutter and improve their bottom lines. And that's what being Connectual is all about!

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