Sunday, February 22, 2009

Content Match Gone Wrong Part Deux

Aaron Goldman Content Match

In part 1 of Content Match Gone Wrong, we saw Google pair an ad for Spam the food (er, can you call that food?) with my Spam email.

This time Yahoo is the offender showing an ad for its shopping channel with the call out to Aaron Goldberg against the keyword Aaron Goldman.

Reminds me of a joke...

2 men were sitting in a bar -- 1 was Jewish, the other Chinese.

Suddenly, the Jewish guy smacks the Chinese guy in the face.

"What was that for?" -- the Chinese dude asked.

"That was for Pearl Harbor." -- the Jew replied.

"Pearl Harbor?!? That was the Japanese, I'm Chinese" -- he exclaimed.

"Japanese, Chinese... it's all the same to me." -- said the Jew.

A little while later, the Chinese guy gets up and smacks the Jewish guy in the face.

"Well, what was that for?" -- he asked.

"That was for the Titanic." -- said the Chinese man.

"You've got to be kidding me," said the Jew, "The Titanic was sunk by an Iceberg!"

"Iceberg, Goldberg... it's all the same to me."

Update 2/23: Having spent over 7 years in SEM, I should have known better but this is likely a case of Broad Match gone wrong, not Content Match. These ads were probably broad matched to the keyword, "Aaron." Hence, why they showed up against the query, "Aaron Goldman."

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