Thursday, March 11, 2010

Got It Covered

Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From GoogleVery excited to share the cover art for my book. This was created by McGraw-Hill and has some extra white space for glowing endorsements. :)

As far as the manuscript goes, today I cranked out the 20th and last chapter. I'm not done quite yet as there are a few gaps in each chapter that still need to be filled with research, interviews, etc. But, for the most part, the content is complete!

I'm very proud of what I've put together. I think it will make a very interesting, informative, entertaining, and provocative read. I've been very humbled by the support I've received from friends, family, colleagues, blog/byline readers, etc.

And I'm very fortunate to have been granted time and consideration from some 100+ industry luminaries who all participated in Q&A with me to help me prepare the manuscript. Excerpts of those interviews have been running in my Search Insider column and I plan to share more on my soon-to-be newly-designed book site,, which is scheduled to launch in April or May.

I'm also grateful to the good folks at Elevate Studios for letting me bunker-down in their offices the past few months where I can write in peace and especially for putting up with my machine-gun typing and frantic pacing.

OK, that's enough thanking. Gotta save something for the acknowledgements and dedication!

The book itself will be released August 20-ish but is now available for pre-sale on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Borders. I trust you'll find it's the best $17.79, $18.18, or $26.95 you've ever spent!

Here are some quick stats on what I've assembled. (Note: as mentioned above, I still have to plug in some holes and my editors have yet to work their magic. In all likelihood, these figures will get trimmed down quite a bit.)

Pages: 303
Words: 75,571
Characters (no spaces): 375,601
Characters (with spaces): 449,650
Paragraphs: 2,645
Lines: 6,286

(Yes, I've got it saved and backed up in triplicate!)

Look forward to putting this puppy to bed and getting back to biz and blogging! Thanks for your interest and, again, your support!

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