Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Search and Social: See You at the Crossroads

Search and SocialImage Source

The intersection of search marketing and social media has been a hot topic lately. I've weighed in on it with posts like Search and Social: Wherein Lies the Truth?, Search and Social: Playing Nicely Together and Is Social Media the New Search?

I also moderated a session at SES Chicago on the link between search and social. I teased up my panel in the post SES Chicago Preview and Shameless Self-Promotion and then recapped it with SES Chicago Search + Social Session in Pics.

I also did an interview for Webmaster Radio with Marshall Clark at the conference on "Social Search and Distributive Reputation Systems."

For more context on that last thread, check out Marshall's deck below. I've also posted the PPTs from the other 3 gents in my session with their permission. As you'll see, we have 4 very different takes on the topic. Feel free to comment here or reach out directly to the presenters with feedback.

I'd like to thank each of the panelists again for their participation pre, during, and post-session. All I can say to you fellas now is that, with your decks forever enshrined on Slideshare, tell me what you gonna do when there ain't nowhere to hide, when judgement comes for you cuz its gonna come for you!


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