Sunday, August 16, 2009

When it Comes to Digital Marketing, Is Up the New Up?

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I just posted a preview of my upcoming ad:tech Chicago keynote panel on the Connectual blog. Check it out for the inside track on the panelists, topics, and a discount link for conference passes. And please weigh in with any questions you'd like to see me ask these distinguished gentlemen.

Below is the official session overview...

State of the Industry (Presented by the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association)

Consumer generated content, social networking, widgets, online video, ad networks, activation, engagement, mobile marketing, the death of television as we know it and so much more—The digital revolution is in full swing and the velocity of change only seems to be increasing. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) estimates that online advertising spending will surge past $20 billion in 2009 as marketers increasingly leverage digital media and technology platforms to establish a dialog with their customers, optimize messaging and delivery and, ultimately, drive brand preference. But what about the current recession and its impact on media and advertising? Is digital media suffering along with other platforms or is our industry benefiting from these tough times as marketers shift a disproportionate amount of spending to performance-based marketing channels?

We are pleased to partner with CIMA, the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association, to present this State of the Industry session and welcome Aaron Goldman, Managing Partner at Connectual and the Executive Director of CIMA as the moderator for this session. If you need a primer on where things stand today and also need to prepare to embrace and leverage what comes next, don’t miss this annual bellwether state-of-the-industry event.


Aaron Goldman, Managing Partner, Connectual


Jeffrey Davidoff, Former Senior VP, CMO, Orbitz

Sean Finnegan, President, Chief Digital Officer, Starcom MediaVest Group

John Cantarella, General Manager,

Jeff Levick, President, Global Advertising and Strategy, AOL


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