Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Search Agency Search: Playing Matchmakter

As promised in my post on fixing the client/agency RFP process, my Search Insider column from Wed. applies my proposed system to the SEM world. Here's the blurb:

The REAL Problem With The Client/Agency RFP Process

I had a notion to pick up the thread Gord Hotchkiss started about emerging applications of search but, once again, Steve Baldwin, derailed, er… inspired me. In his last column, Steve discussed the issues he sees with the current SEM agency procurement process -- namely, that it’s comprised of tactical responses to long questionnaires created and evaluated by client in-house search personnel. But I don’t think the answer lies in asking different questions in the RFP or reassigning responsibility for SEM agency selection. The problem with the process right now is the process itself.

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