Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In Search of New Biz

In today's Search Insider, I continue my thread around the client-agency RFP process. The inspiration for this column came from Janel Landis who pointed the finger at clients being either complacent, jaded, or nearsighted when making decisions to stick with their current SEM agency rather than switch to a firm that purpots to deliver more value. While there is certainly some element of those 3 variables in play, I think the responsibility for undesirable outcomes from new biz pitches lies both with the client and the agency.

In today's column, I highlight the shortcomings of SEM shops in the biz dev process. In my next column, I'll turn the spotlight on clients and discuss where they miss the boat when they pick the wrong SEM firm.

Here's the blurb...

10 Reasons Why SEM Agencies Don't Win New Biz

I never thought this day would come, but I’m in complete agreement with Steve Baldwin for 2 consecutive columns. Indeed, as Steve points out, we need to move towards rationale SEM agency procurement because SEM is a service, not a product. Clearly, fixing the Client/Agency RFP process is no small task (nor small blog post) and my proposed overhaul of the system will take more time (and buy-in) than most of us can afford right now. So what can clients and agencies do differently within the confines of the current RFP system to better align expectations and create satisfactory outcomes for all parties involved? Let's start by looking at the main reasons SEM agencies don't win new business.

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