Friday, December 12, 2008

Search Reputation Management - Officially Top of Mind

As a native Chicagoan, I've been paying close attention to the scandal surrounding Governor Rod Blagojevich. For anyone that's been under a rock, the short story is that he stands accused of a number of wrongdoings -- the most recent of which is trying to "sell" Obama's Senate seat.

One of the people identified as a candidate for that seat is Jesse Jackson Jr. and I found it amusing that his biggest concern with being implicated in this scandal is the Google listings for his name. Here's the excerpt from the CNN story...

"And U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., who was identified as 'Senate Candidate 5' in the criminal complaint, said he is trying to get 'my name back.'

'I'm fighting now for my character, and I'm also fighting for my life,' he said. 'This is about my children being able to Google their name in five years and there be nothing there associated with them that suggests anything wrong.'"

I thought it was extreme to say "Search is God" but apparently now it's a matter of life and death as well.

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