Thursday, October 16, 2008

Will Job Search Become Job Find?

In yesterday's Search Insider, I lamented the state of the economy and the job search process it has touched off for so many. Using my newly-unemployed wife as a case study -- she loves when I do that, by the way -- I unsuccessfully traversed the major job sites (Monster and Career Builder) after not being satisfied by the results I found at the general search engines (Google). Finally, I turned to -- a true job search engine that may turn out to be the job find engine we'd been searching for.

The Elusive Job Search
Posted October 15th, 2008 by Aaron Goldman
Like many of my search marketing brethren, I’ve been somewhat insulated from the hefty budget and job cuts as the U.S. economy tanked faster than the Chicago Cubs’ World Series hopes. That is, until my wife, Lisa, was one of the 173,955 victims of mass layoffs in the U.S. in August. So how did Lisa start out her search for a new job? The same way most people start out any search. She Googled it. It seems search is playing a heightened role for job-seekers across the board...

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