Friday, October 17, 2008

Getting Social with CIMA

Wanted to share the highlights from last night's CIMA (Chicago Interactive Marketing Association) event on Social Media.

Copping out again by just cutting and pasting my Twitterstream rather than cultivating these thoughts into an actual blog post. I do think it's more hard hitting this way. But I worry about the what happens when Twitter becomes more pervasive (right now I think it's only us marketing types using it) and sharing quick slugs out of context becomes the norm. We've already become an ADD-riddled sound-byte culture (watched the news or picked up a People magazine lately) and this type of communication will only perpetuate that.

Remember to read the stream bottom up to get the chronology -- if not the context...

2 more book reco's. These from Brad Keown of Facebook. Meatball Sunday by Seth Godin and Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky (sp?) from TwitterBerry

I only have 2, unless Twitter counts as my passion. from TwitterBerry

Jen Brady of Innovative Marketing Consulting: "Everyone has 3 types of soc. network sites - personal, professional, and passion." from TwitterBerry

Eric Wheeler: "The first rule of social media is 'measure thyself'" Audience snickers. My god, are we 10 years old? from TwitterBerry

Heidi Browning: "Social media is not a media tactic, it's a business strategy." from TwitterBerry

Art Sindlinger: "You either need to be desperate or a visionary to test social media." from TwitterBerry

Eric Wheeler: "The difference between traditional media and social media is that people watching TV ads can't talk back." from TwitterBerry

Eric Wheeler of 33across at CIMA social networking event: "Community is the new brand." from TwitterBerry

Heidi Browning of MySpace at CIMA event: "People like to engage with ads on MySpace." Did I mention she works at MySpace? from TwitterBerry

Art Sindlinger at CIMA event recommends the book Groundswell. Anyone read it? from TwitterBerry

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