Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Means Go for Google eBooks

Green Light for Google eBooksLast week I wrote about why Google got out of Print and Radio but kept its TV platform. Short answer is that it's all about the signal that the Satellite TV is able to give Google about how ads and content were being consumed -- much like the web.

This week comes word that Google is getting into the eBooks business. I shared my POV with MediaPost and am cited in this article covering the news...

Google eBook Deal Could Provide Interaction With Ads

"Web-enabled devices, such as ebook readers, provide feedback. Google exited radio and print because information suggesting advertising worked wasn't available, but TV enables them to track interaction through set-top boxes. Aaron Goldman, managing partner at Connectual, says it's not only tracking response, but engagement with the ad. Google relies on that learning algorithm to provide services."

Update 6/4: AdWeek's Brian Morrissey posted some good thoughts on his personal blog about the "advertising feedback loop"in the context of Digg's new social ad units. Another example of the power of the signal.

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