Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Google's Invitation to SEM VIPs

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In today's Search Insider column, I invite those in the SEM community to RSVP to Google's proposition to buy online display media in a more search-like manner through its latest acquisition, Invite Media.

I didn't touch on this in the column but another interesting thread related to the Invite Media deal is that Google now owns an ad network and ad exchange as well as an ad server (DoubleClick) and demand side platform (Invite) that can be used to buy inventory (and see rates among other data) across other (non-Google) networks and exchanges.

Nat Turner, Invite Media CEO, himself said that this was a huge conflict of interest just a few short months ago. In his guest post on about "True DSPs", he wrote...

"A true DSP must remain neutral and have zero allegiances to any publishers, exchanges, data providers or other vendors. A true DSP should embody the word 'platform' and not just be conduit or pretty interface to a pre-existing business."

And, as if that didn't make it clear enough, he went on to say...

"The DSP should not, under any circumstances, own or operate an ad network. This is in direct conflict with the neutrality aspect."

Will be interesting to see how this is resolved.

Meanwhile, here's the blurb from my column...

Google Invites SEM Attributes To Display

In the display world, Google has fared pretty well of late. YouTube will turn a profit this year. And the Google Content Network enjoys 80% reach globally, becoming a staple on most every media plan that includes online ad networks. And Google's success in display can be largely attributed to incorporating key features of SEM.
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