Monday, May 11, 2009

Digital 30: Just What the Web Was Missing

So today I came across this article in Mediaweek -- Web to Soon See :30s

Apparently, ShortTail Media is introducing a new online ad-unit that's a cross between a full-screen takeover and a 30 second TV commercial.

C'mon, really?!? You're telling me someone sat down and said, "Hmm, maybe if we take the 2 most annoying ad placements of all time and put them together, we'll have a great offering!"

And they certainly didn't do themselves any favors by positioning it to Mediaweek as a "a full-screen, deliberately intrusive placement."

As the story goes, "Back in February at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s annual meeting, [ShortTail Media founder David] Payne delivered a provocative speech urging the industry to adopt bigger, bolder creative and to be less sensitive to user-experience."

Less sensitive to the user-experience?!? Has Google taught us nothing? Need I remind you of the acquisition email and the pop-up?

Somehow I don't think the way to " inspire a creative revolution" is by hijacking the web and holding consumers captive.

Even though IAB Chief Randall Rothenberg and I may disagree on what makes the heart beat and the mouse click, I'm sure we can both agree that this experimental ad unit is not going to do much more than make the blood pressure rise and the mouse click 'X'.

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