Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We Tweet, WeFollow

I'm quoted in Media Post today on an article about WeFollow.

Bascially, WeFollow is a user-generated Twitter directory. It allows you to select 3 categories by which your profile can be listed. I found it really hard to describe my Twitter profile in just 3 ways. And I'm sure marketers will find it just as difficult.

I suppose, just like search marketing, the key is to choose keywords that have the right balance of popularity, relevance, and opportunity to win. The ones I chose were #marketing (I'm #683), #digital (I'm #15), and #sem (I'm #41).

In the Media Post article, I share 3 prospective ways marketers can leverage this new Twitter directory:

1. Determine who the key influencers are in their categories and conduct outreach to them to engage with or discuss their product/service

2. List yourself in the appropriate category to increase exposure

3. At some point it's likely WeFollow will create advertising opportunities or sponsored listings once it reaches critical mass

Here's the blurb:

Digg Founder Unveils WeFollow Twitter Directory
by Laurie Sullivan
Digg founder Kevin Rose has developed a Twitter directory to support real-time search to make sense of the mounds of data available through the network. The tool, dubbed WeFollow.com, allows Twitter users to associate themselves with up to three tags that identify them as having expertise on a specific topic. Twitter will index the account under the appropriate category on WeFollow.com. ... Read the whole story > >

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