Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pointing to the Point

In today's Search Insider column, I try to put all the buzz around Twitter and it's application to search in context. Rather than annoint the "real-time search engine" as the Google killer, we need to really think about what the point of search is. I don't think it's about finding results or even answers (regardless of if they're "real-time") -- it's about solving problems. And I don't think that can be done in 140 characaters.

Here's the blurb...

What's the Point Of Search?

I've tackled some heady questions over the years as a Search Insider -- "Why Can't Everything Be Searchable?" "Will Search Personalization Create Self-Fulfilling Prophecies?" "Should We Fear Ambient Findability?" "Is MyLifeBits the Future of Personalized Search?" And who could forget, "Is Search Rocket Science?" Today, I'll go for the jugular: What's the point of search?

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