Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What a Difference a Year Will Make

Today I peered into my crystal ball (not to be confused with my Magic Obama 8 Ball) to see what 2009 would bring for the search marketing community.

Below are my 10 predictions. Check out the full post on the Resolution Media blog.

1. Yahoo will be broken up and sold off.

2. Google will offer DART Search for free.

3. Omniture will acquire Covario and incorporate it into its Genesis suite.

4. One of the Big 4 search engines will bow display ads on SERPs.

5. Microsoft will enhance its search results by incorporating the social graph.

6. Google will have a major privacy slip-up and experience serious consumer backlash.

7. Mobile will become a staple of search marketing programs.

8. Search marketers will focus more on post-click activity.

9. Search agencies will expand their offerings beyond “pure” search.

10. I will finally get around to launching GoodSEMBadSEM.com, GoodPPCBadPPC.com, and GoodSEOBadSEO.com.

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