Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Only Way to Guarantee SEO Results

Turns out SEO is not rocket science after all. There's an ironclad way to make sure your brand owns the entire search results page on Google.

So what's the secret?

Well it ain't title tags, it ain't link-building, it ain't even site architecture.

It's simple... you just have to make up words!

Part of any blue ocean strategy is avoiding the bloody red oceans filled with competition. In the search world, those are keywords that have millions of web pages and other digital assets built around or using those terms.

When I was deciding what to name my new company, one of the criteria was that I'd have a fighting chance to own the SERPs for my brand term. I knew it would be difficult seeing as how my site would have no history with the engines.

So I picked a made up word. It's not unlike how I named by daughter, Eliara. (Yes, that last hyperlink was part of my ongoing SEO for her blog.)

Check it out... just 3 days following my public launch, I own every result on page 1 of Google for the keyword "Connectual." (Granted, they don't all point to my site but they are all favorable mentions of my company.)

Click image to see larger view

Connectual Google Results

You too can become an overnight SEO god. Throw away the Google starter guide to SEO and take out the dictionary. Find a word that's not in there, make sure the domain is available and off you go. One word of caution though -- make sure to cover off on all the misspellings!

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vidiMatt said...

I think word development should be a part of any SEO strategy. You need to make up words before other people do. I learned the hard way by not ranking for "Mattitude".

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