Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Crazy Game of Poker

In today's Search Insider, I play the hand that Yahoo's been dealt. Below are the 10 things I'd do if I were holding the cards. Sorry Jerry, can't bluff your way out of this one...

1. Say No to Microsoft Once and For All

2. Replace Jerry Yang as CEO

3. Start Developing Original Content Again

4. Buy Kosmix

5. Buy Mozilla

6. Buy Twitter

7. Tear up the Google Search Syndication Deal

8. Run Display Ads on SERPs

9. Charge CPC for Enhanced Natural Search Listings

10. Buy RH Donnelley

So now I've busted Google, flopped Microsoft, and trumped Yahoo. What company should I go heads-up with next? Vote in the poll below.

1 comment:

David Levy said...

I voted "other" - time to move to the analytics side...Omniture.

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