Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Life is Fluid

I find myself telling this to people a lot these days.

2 days ago, it was to a co-worker that asked how life was with my little girl, Eliara. Yesterday, it was to a potential client that was appreciative of me taking a call while on holiday.

What it comes down to is that I don't differentiate between business and pleasure -- work-life and home-life.


1. I love my family
2. I love my job
3. I have serious ADD
4. I own a Blackberry

Accordingly, it's very rare that I'm doing anything I don't enjoy and, no matter how much or how little I'm enjoying something, there's always something else I can/should/want to be doing.

So I live my life happily bouncing from one activity to the next.

A Day In the Life…

Here's what my typical weekday looks like:

6am: Alarm

6-6:30: Check Ellie, email, Facebook, and iGoogle feeds (not always in that order)

6:30: Tweet

6:30-6:45: Push-ups and sit-ups (gotta keep up my girlish figure!)

6:45-7:15: Take care of the 3 S's (look it up)

7:15-7:30: Drive to work

7:30-8: Cereal at my desk and catch up on the trades

8: Tweet

8-8:30: Respond to priority emails

8:30-12p: Meetings, calls, emails, deliverables, etc.

12p: Tweet

12-12:30: Pick up lunch and eat at my desk while reading the trades (unless I have a lunch mtg, in which case, skip to 1)

12:30-1: Check Ellie (via phone this time), email, and iGoogle feeds (again, not always in that order)

1-6: Meetings, calls, emails, deliverables, etc.

6p: Tweet

6-6:30: Drive home

6:30-7: Play with Ellie

7-7:30: Take care of the 3 B's (look it up)

7:30-8:30: Dinner with Lisa

8:30-10: QT with Lisa and/or finish up any outstanding work deliverables and respond to priority emails (sometimes simultaneously as needed/wanted)

10-11: Update my 18 blogs

11: Tweet

11-11:15: Get ready for bed

11:16: Asleep

Here's a typical weekend day:

3-3:45am: Give Ellie a bottle and rock her back to sleep

9am: Alarm (aka Ellie)

9-9:30: Feed Ellie

9:30-10: Eat cereal and check email, Facebook, and iGoogle feeds

10a: Tweet

10-10:30: Feed Ellie and put her down for a nap

10:30-12:30p: QT with Lisa

12:30-1: Feed Ellie

1-2: Go out for brunch

2-3: Walk around the neighborhood, take pictures for my blogs

3: Tweet

3-4: Update my blogs

4-6: Play with Ellie or QT with Lisa if Ellie’s sleeping

6-7: Go for a run

7-7:30: Take care of the 3 S's

7:30-8:30: Dinner with Lisa

8:30-10: QT with Lisa and/or work deliverables and/or update my blogs (simultaneously as needed/wanted)

10: Tweet

10-10:15: Get ready for bed

10:15-11: TV (Lisa likes to watch Ellen)

11:01: Asleep

What's in a Word?

How would you describe my life?

Hectic? Sure. But that has a negative connotation.

Schizophrenic? Perhaps. But that makes it seem like medical attention is needed.

Unbalanced? Probably. But I equate balance with boredom.

So I’m going with fluid.

Per Webster

Main Entry: flu·id
Pronunciation: \flü-əd\
Function: adjective

1 a: having particles that easily move and change their relative position without a separation of the mass and that easily yield to pressure : capable of flowing b: subject to change or movement

2: characterized by or employing a smooth easy style

3 a: available for various uses b: liquid

Check, check, and check. My life is fluid. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Now I know I’m not alone in this lifestyle. It’s almost a pre-requisite for digital marketing professionals. I call it "Type-F."

More tomorrow…

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