Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beware the Cyber-4th Estate

ClickZ published an article yesterday -- "Search Is No Longer an Afterthought for Brands" -- that covers the SES panel I participated in earlier this week.

Anytime you speak publicly you run the risk of having something you said taken out of context. In this case, they got my context 100% right. I was trying to make the point that search is no longer an afterthought for brands. Check.

Unfortunately, I cited the wrong client example as evidence of this trend. During the panel, I referenced Gatorade's League of Clutch microsite instead of the G2 site. Whoops!

A few years ago, I'd have gotten away with it. Nowadays, panels at big conferences are covered by myriad bloggers, so you have to really be buttoned up.

I'm on stage next at the OMMA Global conference in NY in September so if you'll excuse me I need to start memorizing all our client's campaigns now.

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